Demi Moore's fall as a pop culture female warrior.

Demi Moore's fall as a pop culture female warrior.

News that Demi Moore had to pull out of the movie Lovelace in which she was set to play feminist icon Gloria Steinem is symbolic.

The woman who once was synonymous with pop cultural sheroism has become an imposter.  Way before Angelina Jolie started pumping men full of bullets, Demi shaved her had bald and starred as G.I. Jane, showing she was tough enough to handle a military full of boys.

Then, she did the sexually liberating “Striptease.”

 Where has that Demi gone?

As her allegedly cheating husband Ashton Kutcher enjoys his pre-divorce period by partying out of the country and tweeting about women sleeping over, Demi is apparently mourning the loss of this half-man by reportedly getting high and checking herself into a facility for treatment.

Furthermore, she is still embarrassing herself by using her unchanged Twitter handle: @MrsKutcher.

The real Demi Moore would have never gone by that handle anyway. The real Demi Moore would not still allow her public image to be branded by the name of a man who betrayed and disrespected the marriage vows he made to her.

I want the old Demi back. The one that was a role model for young girls and women.

It’s not like Ashton is some sort of prize. He’s a goofy insensitive playboy who is overrated both as an actor and as a hunk.  I don’t know what Demi saw in him in the first place.  

In December, Demi actually got mad at Twitter fans who wrote to ask why she was still using the handle “Mrs. Kutcher.”  She asked if it was a problem.

Yes, Demi! It’s a big problem! Have some self-respect.  Have some pride! You’re only Mrs. Kutcher for a few more months. Somebody else is screwing your husband.

Take a clue from your ex-husband Bruce Willis who obviously still pines for you.  Did he go around publically trying to claim an attachment after the marriage fell apart? No. He just went and got a woman who looks suspiciously like you.

I’m not saying that’s not-pathetic . But on the pathetic-meter, he’s about 10 points above you.  

Will the real Demi Moore please stand up.