Hillary as VP? Please! Let the Head Man in Charge stew in his own failures!

Hillary as VP? Please! Let the Head Man in Charge stew in his own failures!

Why the renewed interest in Clinton as VP? This woman is too talented to be in anyone's clean-up crew.

Despite Hillary Clinton's repeated assertions that she plans to exit politics and not seek another public office, various media columnists are still speculating about how effective a Clinton-Obama ticket would be in 2012. Cue the hoping and praying.

I sympathize with Obama needing a secret ingredient to rally voters around him for a second term, but Hillary Clinton should not be used as such a token.

Obama is an incredibly intelligent and seemingly compassionate man who would love to improve America (when he fully learns what the American ethos is) but who lacks the expertise and political shrewdness to get anything done in Washington, D.C.

This is precisely why Hillary Clinton told voters “he’s not ready” during the 2008 campaign. Hillary, on the other hand, was ready and remains ready – but the days are over for highly qualified women to play second fiddle to men who are less qualified. Don't expect her to take a domestic broom and join Obama's clean-up crew.

Clinton understands the underpinnings of politics and how to negotiate in the ferocious waters of partisan politics – unlike Obama who simply capitulates and shifts his position.

Had he agreed to be HER vice-president in 2008, he could have learned from a family of experts, built the right connections and learned the Clinton-perfected Machiavellian techniques of political warfare that aren’t taught in academia. Then, he could have run as a more seasoned politician in 2016. Instead, he was naive and believed good intentions could make an impact in Washington.  There is no room for naiveté in American politics.

Hillary proved to be a noble woman when she took over the Secretary of State position, but she cannot bail Obama out this time. Let him keep the bumbling Joe Biden and stew in his bad 2008 decision.   

And let voters, who dismissed the brilliant Hillary Clinton as some ball-breaking b*itch trying to run on her husband’s history, reap their just rewards, as well.