Not In Her Shoes

Not In Her Shoes

Stand up for women’s body autonomy.

Have you heard about the Not in Her Shoes project? It’s part of the This Is Personal Campaign, a movement to make sure the world knows that a woman’s medical decisions are her own and nobody else’s damn business. It’s a Tumblr blog that gives women a voice without sexualizing them or focusing on how they look—save for their shoes.

That’s right—you share your shoes. Just take a photo of them (with you in them preferably, but I’m sure you could take one with them empty if you prefer) and share why no one else walks in your shoes, no one else knows you personal situation, and no one should make your personal decisions except you.

I love this idea because it’s so easy to participate and get so many voices heard in a single, simple platform. Any bloggers of any ages can participate, and it’s really fun to read the stories and share what it means to make our own decisions as women together. Plus, while I’m not a shoe person myself, I know lots of people do like to admire shoes, which I’m sure makes it fun, too.

You can share a photo alone, or as long of an entry as you like by visiting Not in Her Shoes.