January 2012

Demi Moore's fall as a pop culture female warrior.

News that Demi Moore had to pull out of the movie Lovelace in which she was set to play feminist icon Gloria Steinem is symbolic.

The woman who once was synonymous with pop cultural sheroism has become an imposter.  Way before Angelina Jolie started pumping men full of bullets, Demi shaved her had bald and starred as G.I. Jane, showing she was tough enough to handle a military full of boys.

Then, she did the sexually liberating “Striptease.”

 Where has that Demi gone?

Hillary as VP? Please! Let the Head Man in Charge stew in his own failures!

Why the renewed interest in Clinton as VP? This woman is too talented to be in anyone's clean-up crew.

Despite Hillary Clinton's repeated assertions that she plans to exit politics and not seek another public office, various media columnists are still speculating about how effective a Clinton-Obama ticket would be in 2012. Cue the hoping and praying.

I sympathize with Obama needing a secret ingredient to rally voters around him for a second term, but Hillary Clinton should not be used as such a token.